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PMR makes markets daily by providing quotations to purchase or sell products shipped in truckload quantities. The company has an extensive network of consumers to provide for the most competitive pricing.

Environmental Compliance

Prime adheres to the strictest Federal and State Environmental Regulations. The company prides itself on its green initiative and feels it’s the solution to resource recovery compliance.

Global Distribution

The Company recognizes the global economy and has an extensive network of relationships in all continents with a concentration in Asia.


Risk loss management services are provided to alleviate price volatility exposure. Nymex, LME, and Shanghai terminal markets are traded to provide innovative and creative pricing options.


Prime owns and operates its own fleet of trucks in addition to having an extensive network of outside carriers to assure customers of timely, economical and properly handled shipments. Strong relationships with steamship lines and freight forwarders guarantees prompt and secure overseas deliveries.

Primary Metal Trading

PMR partners with virgin non-ferrous metal producers to compliment its core secondary metal product line.

Wholesale Secondary Metal Warehousing

The company warehouses truckload quantities of all non-ferrous secondary metals. The product is received in multiple grades and sorted, packaged, and staged for future shipments.

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