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PRIME MATERIALS RECOVERY INC. formed in 2002 through the purchase of the assets of it's predecessor Schilberg Integrated Metals Corporation (circa 1918). Our primary objective is to assist the wire and cable manufacturers, utilities and dealers to maximize their resource recovery.

PMR is one of the largest non-ferrous metal merchants, polymer, and processors in the United States.  Headquartered in East Hartford, CT, PMR operates state of the art processing facilities in Canastota, NY, Willimantic, CT, Orangeburg, SC and Hickory, NC.

Each month, PMR processes and brokers in excess of 35 million pounds of non-ferrous metals at it's facilities. In addition, PMR actively participates in the global metal market via it's import and export capabilities. All locations warehouse and distribute a wide range of copper-based alloys, aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel and lead for resale to mills and foundries. As part of PMR's goal of maximizing resources each of it's facilities now recovers plastic products via proprietary processes.

In it's role as a leading metal merchant and scrap processor, PMR constantly monitors the environmental impact of it's operations, adhering strictly to all federal, state and municipal laws and regulations. In doing so, PMR customers can rely on the proper sourcing, handling, and production of materials to maximize the conversion of scrap metal. Again, the company always seeks to maximize the conversion of scrap into useful raw materials.

Prime Materials Holding

PRIME MATERIALS HOLDING, LLC (PMH) began operations in 2009 with the acquisition of IMC-MetalsAmerica, LLC, MA-Shelby, LLC and it's strategic Asian trading partner.

IMC-MetalsAmerica, LLC manufactures the world's finest copper, brass, tin and nickel products in the form of bar, rod, nuggets and ball. PMR is the major supplier of all the raw materials used in it's processes creating an upstream vertical integration of operations.

Allied Metals, LLC is a key player in the international metals recycling market with ever-expanding supply base spanning more than 50 countries.

G&S Scrap Metal operates in a brand new, environmentally friendly, state of the art facility to service all your scrap metal needs.

Fluoropolymer Resources LLC is a value-added supplier of reprocessed melt fluoropolymers committed to continuously advancing the application and reliability of these materials.

Fluorogistx, is the premier US distributor of high performance Chemours Teflon fluoroplastics, with strong ties to Chemors and customer’s it serves.


PMH has a large global base of consumers for it's products. This division focuses on the export of a variety of secondary non-ferrous metals through a network of marketing offices to refineries and scrap processing facilities.

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