Baling of meta


Baling is performed on various grades of scrap metal to enhance the ease of handling, transporting and melting.


“Bricks” are produced by hydraulically compacting metal into 6”X6”X12” cubes to increase density and melting efficiency.

Mechanical Separation System

The processing of all non-ferrous base and precious metals is accomplished through a three-stage operation including granulation, screening and separating until reaching the ultimate limit. Wire and cable “chopping” is the company's signature.

Polymer Recovery

Multiple plastic compounds are sorted, cleaned, and extruded into reprocessed pellets.


Fine metal granules and chips are hydraulically compressed into a “hockey puck” to enhance housekeeping and melting.

Sorting and Packaging

PMR implements various sorting techniques to upgrade comingled and contaminated materials. The finished products are packaged to the customer's specifications without limitations.

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